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Addison Concerns for the Future

The Town is moving ahead in a positive manner and recovering well from the pandemic which put several projects into a holding pattern. The Council has set seven strategic pillars of success on which we base our decisions.  Each pillar has specific action items – milestones and initiatives – to be pursued and we re-evaluate the progress during the budget process each year. So, during my final term (2022-2024) as your council representative, my priorities are:

  • Build on the momentum and success recent Councils have generated in the renewed recognition, respect and appreciation for the Town staff and our first responders

  • Work with the Council and staff to ensure our Town continues to maximize returns on our taxpayers’ investments.

  • Refine milestones, support the implementation of initiatives and ensure the completion of the initiatives for those milestones that council has set forth in our Pillars of Success

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